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CD ONE: GORANI - Seven-Voice Male a cappella (1999)

CD TWO: Chasing Harmonies (2007)

Coming Events:

27 April 08 Feast of Voices, Swiss Italian Festival, 11 am, Convent Gallery, Daylesford.

Recent Performances:

April, 08 Launch of "Gorani - Chasing Harmonies" at Warnambool Anglican Church

March 08 Launch of second CD "Gorani - Chasing Harmonies" Boite World Music Cafe, North FitzroyJan 08 Boite Singers' Festival at Daylesford.

Aug 08 10th Boite MMC concert at BMW Edge, Melbourne

Jan 07 Cygnet Folk Festival, Tasmania

Past Events:

o April 06 RAWA Benefit Concert at the Boite for women's projects in


o Nov 05 Batonebo benefit concert at the Boite for Tbilisi Children's


o July 05 Tanzhas with Vardos at the Boite

o Oct 04 Third International Festival: Culture, Religions and

Traditions of the Peoples at STARA ZAGORA, Bulgaria. (Two concerts,

one in Roman Amphitheatre.)

o Oct 04 Concerts and Workshops in Sofia and regional Bulgaria

o Oct 04 First Festival of Gurian Song, province of Guria, Georgia.

o Sep 04 Second Symposium on Georgian Polyphony, State Conservatorium

Tbilisi, Georgia. (Two concerts)

o Aug 03 Boite Concerts with Vazha Gogoladze at ABC Iwaki Auditorium

- broadcast nationally on Music Deli - and in Castlemaine and Traralgon.

o March 03 Port Fairy Folk Festival, including the MUSIC DELI Opening

Concert (Paul Petran, ABC)

o Sep 02 First Gorani tour of Georgia and Bulgaria including National

radio and TV coverage in both countries

o March 02 Brunswick Music Festival

o Oct 01 Featured artists on ABC TV's The Planet, Part 1, From Moscow

to Vladivostok (Lucky Oceans)

o April 01 National Folk Festival, Canberra (including Workshop and

Children's Concert) - Also 1997 and 1998.

o March 00 Port Fairy Folk Festival

o Aug 99 Featured group at innaugural Melbourne Millennium Chorus

Concert at Melbourne Concert Hall for the Boite

o Aug. 96 Main Stage, Melbourne Town Hall Melbourne A Cappella Festival

o Jan. 96 Daylesford Town Hall Daylesford Singerīs Festival (Met

Joseph Jordania who subsequently developed the groups Georgian


o July 92 First performance - at the Boite.


Gorani - self titled CD recorded 1999.

Featured on Boite's Live recording of the 1999 Melbourne Millennium


Featured on Boite CD Mravalzhamier featuring Georgian songs performed

in Australia and New Zealand by local groups.

Currently recording second CD.

Notes on Gorani tours of Georgia and Bulgaria

GEORGIA: In 2002 and 2004 Gorani performed, along side some of

Georgia's best performing groups, at the First and Second Symposia on

Georgian Polyphony, State Conservatorium Tbilisi, Georgia. Gorani

also performed, alongside representative Georgian provincial groups,

with enthusiastic audience response, at the First Festival of Gurian

Song, province of Guria, Georgia. Gorani also had master classes

with veteran Gurian singer, Vazha Gogoladze, and recorded tracks with

his local singing group in Chakatahuri, province of Guria.

BULGARIA The 2004 tour commenced with unforgettable performances at

the Third International Festival: Culture, Religions and Traditions

of the Peoples at STARA ZAGORA, Bulgaria. One nationally televised

performance was outdoors, in the ancient Roman arena / amphitheatre.

Gorani then zig-zagged across Bulgaria, visiting old friends,

recording and performing with men's groups in Velingrad (Rhodope

mountains), and Razlog (Pirin Mountain area), and a master class with

Mitevi Brothers (Vladaya village, near Sofia region). There was an

extended interview/performance on South Western regional television

in Blagoevgrad, Pirin province. Gorani also recorded tracks with the

brilliant student women's chorus at the Phillip Koutev Folkloric

School, at Kotel, Central western Bulgaria.

Notes on other Key Events

2003 July/August Legendary Georgian singer and "living treasure",

Vazha Gogoladze presented concerts and workshops in a Victorian tour

as part of the BOITE's Winter Festival, in August 2003. He formed a

trio with two Melbourne-based Georgian singers, Joseph Jordania

( Gorani member) and Nino Tsitsishvili. Vazha and the trio joined

forces with Gorani on the tour, which included workshops and

concerts in regional Victoria at Campbell's Creek and Traralgon.

Crowned by a concert at the ABC's Iwaki Auditorium, which was

broadcast on Paul Petrin's Music Deli, ABC radio national..

Gorani has also performed twice at the Port Fairy Folk Festival,

including Paul Petran's opening Music Deli Concert in 2003. Gorani

has also performed several times at the National Folk Festival,

(Canberra), the Boite's Dayleford Singers' Festival., as well as at

many other events around Melbourne. Not to mention being featured

artists on ABC TV's: "THE PLANET", part 1. "From Moscow to

Vladivostok", with Lucky Oceans